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Apr 17, 2020

There’s some serious information overload happening right now in our COVID-19 world.  It can seem like too much, but if you’ve got extra time at home, these TED talks are some great ways to fill your time, especially if you’re a hospice or palliative care professional. 

The online resources we’re sharing with you today center around what it’s like to be seriously ill, death, and dying. We recommend that you watch Justin Baldoni’s talk called “Why I Started My Last Days”, on the End Well YouTube channel (  You should also check out some TED talks by Dr. B.J. Miller (What Really Matters) and Michelle Knox (“Talk about your death while you’re still healthy”). These talks are a great way to remind you of your “why” and renew your energy for taking care of terminally ill patients.

We hope you’re taking good care of your Self - mind, body, and spirit, because you are The Heart of Hospice.