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Oct 15, 2021

Funeralocity is a great resource for both consumers and hospice professionals when it comes to funeral planning.  Funeralocity provides information to help users compare up-to-date pricing and services from funeral homes and cremation providers in their area, get pricing and services for funeral homes enrolled in the Excellence Provider Program, and select a funeral home that feels like a good fit. According to the Funeralocity website, their Excellence Provider Program is “part of our mission to help families make the best choices for their funeral services.

Cremation providers and funeral homes across the country apply for this certification. Our team vets all applicants according to strict criteria. When accepted as Excellence Providers, they pledge to uphold our highest standards of transparency and best business practices. They exemplify the highest commitment to service and quality in the profession and appear at the top of the search results”.  Through the Funeralocity Hospice Portal, hospice teams can find support for having compassionate conversations about funerals and cremation services. Enrollment to use the Portal is free for hospice professionals, and there are multiple resources available on the site.  The Funeralocity team is happy to train hospice teams on how to use the Funeralocity services to assist their patients and families. When you’re planning your next event, keep in mind that the hosts of The Heart of Hospice podcast are available to speak at conferences and meetings.   Whether you’re meeting in-person or virtually,  we can provide education to your team on topics such as how to have compassionate conversations, how to recognize personal bias, building listening skills, and managing personal grief as a hospice professional. We’d love to encourage your team and remind them why the work they do is so important. To find out more, contact us at The Heart of Hospice is honored to be a part of your hospice journey.