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Aug 15, 2021

Author Jill Johnson-Young knows a thing or two about grief. She shares her deep, funny, irreverent wisdom in an interview with The Heart of Hospice.  Jill is a social worker based in California, owner of Central Counseling Services and is the author of The Rebellious Widow, an insightful look into managing grief on your own terms.  After losing two spouses, Jill experienced the full spectrum of other people’s expectations and rules. She shares the lessons she learned about not following the grief rules that society wants to impose on grievers in her book.  Included in The Rebellious Widow is guidance for a new grief paradigm. Jill teaches that our grief shouldn’t be confined by the boundaries that others define for us.  We can define our own grief, taking parts of those we lose with us into the future we create for ourselves.   Find Jill’s blog, books, and connect with her at  She’s got a lot of resources about grieving, pet loss, hospice, dementia Connect with Jill to teach your team or speak at your event by clicking here.  Her website has things to help as well as her books for both adults and kids. Find her classes and blog.  Connect with Jerry Fenter and Helen Bauer from The Heart of Hospice, book them to speak at your event (remote or in-person), or ask a question by sending an email to  We honor your end of life journey.  We’re walking it with you.  You are The Heart of Hospice.