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Feb 28, 2020

We’re excited to connect you with Funeralwise.  It’s a great place to find information about cremation, how different faiths view cremation.  You can find their colorful and informative infographics at

Their mission is expressed beautifully on the funeralwise home page - “Prepare. Celebrate. Remember...We are here to help you prepare wisely and celebrate uniquely.  Because every life deserves to be remembered.” 

The “Wise Guys”, as they call themselves, discuss everything from grief and funeral customs, to funeral 101 and religious and military customs for funerals.  There are several free downloadable funeral planning guides and information that would be useful to hospice professionals as they guide patients and families through funeral planning. 

For more information on end of life care, self care techniques, and advance care planning, check out  And remember, you are The Heart of Hospice!