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Apr 28, 2023

Hospice nurses Nancy Heyerman and Brenda Kizzire are on a mission to transform the end-of-life experience through education and support.  They know what it takes to be a caregiver for someone with a serious illness.  Between them Nancy and Brenda have over 40 years of hospice nursing experience.  They’re The Hospice Queens!  Like so many hospice nurses in the US, Brenda and Nancy have watched caregivers struggle with providing the best care at home.  The two nurses designed the Care Plan booklet to support and educate hospice caregivers, as well as clinicians who were new to the hospice team.  According to, “the Care Plan was born out of the challenges experienced in supporting and educating hospice clients -  especially the distressed calls, day and night, from anxious caregivers, family members, and patients asking questions many times over.  The Care Plan effectively empowers patients and the care circle with this valuable information that can be accessed anytime, along with HOW-TO VIDEOS demonstrating personal care.”  

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