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Feb 5, 2021

Author Steve Litwer shares stories of his hospice volunteering as a bedside musician in his new book “The Music Between Us: Memoir of a Bedside Musician”. Serving others by playing his guitar helped him find healing and perspective for his own life.  His connections with his hospice patients motivated him to share their stories along with his own.  Steve’s love for music is woven through each chapter of the book, as he talks about his encounters with patients who never knew how much they inspired Steve. He never expected the immeasurable reward he found as a hospice volunteer. You can connect with Steve at and watch the trailer for the book.  Check out his blog page to see what Steve’s doing currently.  You’ll find the book on Amazon, Indie Bound Barnes and Noble, and Amazon Kindle. The Heart of Hospice website can help you with information about hospice and end of life care, give you tips on how to choose a hospice agency, and encourage you when self care seems challenging. Find all our podcast episodes on the Podcast page.  Send your questions about hospice to host@theheartofhospice. We’re always glad to hear from you. You are The Heart of Hospice!