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Mar 26, 2021

In the 2nd episode of our Patient Advocacy Series, we’re talking about how to get the best results from interactions with healthcare professionals.  Before appointments, it’s important to write down any questions you have.  Even if the patient can make his own decisions, it’s useful to have another set of ears.  The patient should be allowed to respond on his own as he is able.  It’s also respectful to allow your loved one to have a private conversation with healthcare providers if that’s what the patient wants.  If you’re the person providing the healthcare, put instructions in writing that’s easily understood - and legible!  And the most important thing - create an opportunity for the patient to speak with you privately.  Sometimes patients need a safe space and person to discuss problems with the caregiving system, abuse, or neglectful situations.  Caregivers, whether professional or personal can be advocates for patients!  When you’re planning your next event, keep in mind that the hosts of The Heart of Hospice podcast are available to speak at conferences and meetings.   Whether you’re meeting in-person or virtually,  we can provide education to your team on topics such as how to have compassionate conversations, how to recognize personal bias, building listening skills, and managing personal grief as a hospice professional. We’d love to encourage your team and remind them why the work they do is so important.  Because we both have a personal hospice journey in addition to our years working in end of life care, we can also share a message of resilience and hope at your agency’s next memorial service.  To find out more, contact us at The Heart of Hospice is honored to be a part of your hospice journey.