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Jul 1, 2022

Meet RN Keisha Jones and Dr. Michelle Owens of Hospice Austin and hear how they take extraordinary care of their hospice team with a debriefing program. .  After seeing signs of accelerated compassion and moral fatigue in their hospice clinical team in 2021, Keisha and Michelle realized there was more needed beyond pizza parties.  They put their heads together to create a debriefing program.  As director of the clinical team, Keisha saw that nurses and other clinicians were deeply involved with patients, and the grief of not having families with dying patients was severely  affecting the team.  A safe space to discuss what was happening was first priority.  Using a debriefing facilitator trainer manual from CAPC (Center to Advance Palliative Care) website, they started the program.  Using Zoom video conferencing and including all disciplines, the women make the debriefings accessible to all disciplines and all shifts.  The team felt heard and safe.  The responses were positive and encouraging.   

If you’re interested in creating a debriefing program in your agency, you can access the debriefing facilitator trainer manual from CAPC here.   

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