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Feb 19, 2021

Do you think your advance care plan is complete?  It’s way more than a one and done conversation!  Along with the big decisions like your health care proxy and resuscitation status, there are lots of details to communicate to your healthcare providers, your proxy, and your family.  It’s important to know what’s legally acceptable in the state or province where you live.  And what about the smaller decisions?  Issues like feeding tubes, dialysis, blood transfusions, artificial ventilation, and nursing placement need to be discussed.  It might be hard to talk about those issues. They’re full of emotion.  Be brave - have those conversations!  It’s worth it.  Making those advance care plans is a gift to the people you love.  Those plans can also prevent you from receiving care you don’t want that won’t help you.  Make a good decision to do your advance care planning before you think you’ll need it!  There’s more support about advance care planning at  Send any questions about end of life care to  We’re here to help make your hospice journey the best possible.  You are The Heart of Hospice!