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Jan 15, 2022

RN and author Kimberly Best is the author of “How to Live Forever: A Guide to Writing the Final Chapter of Your Life Story”. Kim talked with us about her career spent in nursing and conflict management, and the value of mediation for end of life decisions.  Kim has a master’s degree in Conflict Management, and is trained in Transformative Mediation and Healthcare Mediation. Her passion for resolving conflicts without litigation is evident in her work and her wisdom.  According to her website, Kim’s book “provides you with tools that can help you have the difficult conversations regarding legal decisions, health care plans, relationships, and death. Recognizing the finite nature of our days, we can live purposefully, plan ahead for the end of our life story, and die without regret, living fully to the end and finishing well.  Connect with Best Conflict Solutions and the mediation services they provide, including elder mediation, family and relationship mediation, conflict coaching, and speaking services.   

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