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Apr 24, 2020

Taking care of a loved one from a distance can be challenging.  In this season of social distancing and self quarantine, contact with someone needing care is even more difficult.  We’re talking about ways to deal with the obstacles associated with remote caregiving.  Use the technology you might already have - a cell phone is a great tool.  Three way calls during a doctor’s appointment and video calls can be helpful.  Lots of medical practices and hospitals have patient portals where patients and caregivers can access all sorts of information (medication lists, test results, appointment schedules).  There are also apps where groups of caregivers can do web-based collaboration, keeping up with a patient’s status.  Check out Caring Bridge, private Facebook groups, Caring Village, CareZone, ecare21, or Medisafe.  Stay connected as a caregiver with the system that works best for you. Questions about caregiving? Email us at  You’ll always get a personal response.  You are The Heart of Hospice!