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Jun 15, 2021

A home funeral can be a rich and meaningful experience. The National Home Funeral Alliance offers guidance to help make it happen. Our special guest today is Dani Lavoire, former president of the National Home Funeral Alliance.  Dani is a birth midwife who made a connection between the experiences of birth and death.  The team at the National Home Funeral Alliance provides support for families across the U.S. who would like to have a more personal after-death event.  According to the NHFA website, “it is your right [in all 50 states] to care for your own loved one after death. ​The NHFA is working to make sure communities and families know their rights.”  Personal rituals can be conducted without feeling rushed, or on someone else’s timeline.  If you’re interested in a home funeral, visit to get more information.  Check out their podcast - A Path Home, hosted by Sarah Crews, former president of NHFA.  You’ll find more support for your end of life experience at, including information about self care, hospice philosophy, and advance care planning.  You’ll also find info about Helen Bauer and Jerry Fenter, hosts of The Heart of Hospice podcast.  We’re happy to connect with you - you are The Heart of Hospice.