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Sep 20, 2019

Having an accountability partner can really boost your Self Care.  Whether it’s for mind, body, or spirit Self Care, your accountability partner is a source of encouragement and inspiration. 

But when your Self Care gets stale and you feel like you need a change, maybe it’s time for a challenge. How about challenging each other to try a new activity, to up the pace of your workouts, or to try a new form of Self Care?  If your enthusiasm is low and you feel like skipping out on an activity that you know is healthy, challenge your accountability partner (and yourself!) to change things up! You’ll be glad you did! So put some new energy and ideas into your Self Care with a challenge for you and your accountability partner.  

To get more information about healthy Self Care, visit The Heart of Hospice website. You’ll find resources on caregiving, end of life care, and self care for personal and professional caregivers, along with encouragement for your hospice journey.

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