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Feb 15, 2021

When Sherrie Dunlevy experienced the death of her infant son, she learned the hardest lessons that grief can teach. As a best selling author, speaker, and coach, she now guides grieving women to live their best lives. Her book “How Can I Help?  Your Go-To Guide for Helping Loved Ones Through Life’s Difficulties” offers actionable solutions for being there with someone who’s had a loss, whether it’s a death, divorce, or a tough diagnosis.  Sherrie teaches us that what we say doesn’t have to be perfect.  Sometimes just saying “I’m sorry that you’re hurting” is the best thing to say.  Don’t let the fear of being awkward keep you from sharing concern and compassion for someone you care about! Connect with Sherry on her website ( and check out her podcast Graduating Grief to discover the wisdom she has to share.  Click here to get info on Sherrie’s speaking services and buy the book here to read the lessons that Sherrie shares from her heart.  Connect with Jerry Fenter and Helen Bauer, the hosts of The Heart of Hospice podcast by sending an email to or  We’re always glad to connect with you - you are The Heart of Hospice!