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Dec 11, 2020

We’re overdue for a self care check in, so in today’s episode  Jerry and Helen are sharing the good and bad of their self care for the holiday season.  The last few months of the year can be a time of unhealthy eating, extra commitments, and short sleep.  All the “extras” can take a toll on our self care.  It’s important to remember that it’s so much harder to get your self care habits back on track than it is to maintain those habits.  Keeping up your self care activities during the holidays will find you healthier when the season is over.  All of you matters - mind, body, and spirit.  So let yourself have an occasional treat but offer yourself some grace and keep up the good self care.  You matter!  The Heart of Hospice is here to support your self care.  Find more information at  No matter who you are, or where you are in your hospice journey, you are The Heart of Hospice.