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Jun 3, 2022

A common myth about hospice is that patients and families don’t have any choices once hospice care starts, so we’re talking about all the rights patients really do have.  Don't miss this 5 part series! It’s vital that both consumers and providers of hospice care know what rights the patient (or the responsible decision-maker) has.  Those rights are real and every agency serving seriously ill patients should provide a list to their patients and caregivers. We’re highlighting some of the most important rights - the right to make a complaint, the right to choose a physician, the right to start and stop hospice care, and the right to choose what’s included in your own plan of care.  Hospice patients and their caregivers should feel empowered to manage the care they receive.  Listen to all the Patient Rights Series episodes to learn about these all-important rights!

Patient Rights Document from the National Association of Home Care and Hospice

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