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Jan 15, 2020

Rachel Giger is a certified end of life coach with a mission to support hospice physicians.  While working as a volunteer, she identified that physicians need education about having end of life discussions, and the support to be comfortable with those talks.

Now she provides one-on-one consulting to doctors who find themselves at a loss for words and feeling the burden of compassion fatigue. Through Rachel’s consulting service Mortal MD, doctors can find discreet tutoring to create skills to have those difficult conversations and learn healthy ways to cope with the emotional burnout that’s unique to physicians. 

In her interview with us, Rachel shares her energy for supporting our doctors as they take care of our patients. Check out her work at to get information about the specialized services she provides! 

You can find more information about self care for healthcare professionals as well as unpaid caregivers at The Heart of Hospice website.  We’re grateful to be connected with you!