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Dec 18, 2020

Music can improve quality of life for people experiencing a serious illness. The American Palliative Music Council provides “complementary and alternative uses of music in palliative care treatment for persons and families coping with serious illness from the time of diagnosis.” Under the leadership of Certified Palliative Music Planner™ (CPMP) Glenn Dewitt, the organization has free downloadable music playlists to promote quality of life for patients and caregivers. also offers services from Certified Palliative Music Planners, qualified personal music aides that specialize in facilitating palliative uses of music.  According to the APMC website, “Palliative uses of music is utilizing music to make a problem such as chronic pain or symptoms of chronic pain seem less serious but does not solve the problem or make it disappear.” is another great tool for the care of hospice and palliative care patients.  Find more information about hospice care including advance care planning, self care, and hospice philosophy at  Need a speaker for your event or organization?  Send an email to  We’d love to connect with you.  You are The Heart of Hospice!