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Apr 30, 2021

End of life care can be confusing.  The Heart of Hospice is here to support anyone experiencing hospice care, including personal and professional caregivers. If you’re a hospice professional, it’s important to understand the perspective of patients and families so you know how best to meet their needs.   Between them, Jerry and Helen have over 20 years experience as hospice professionals so they know what it’s like to care for terminally ill patients.  And because they’ve both had personal experiences with hospice care, they know what it’s like to be a consumer of end of life care.  Managing caregiving responsibilities and tons of new information is often complicated by the grief and mental exhaustion that come with serious illness. The Heart of Hospice is here to inform, encourage and help you make it through your caregiving days.  Connect with more episodes of The Heart of Hospice podcast by clicking here.  The sponsor for today’s episode is Hospice of Southern Maine, the sponsor for the 10th annual Thresholds Conference coming up on Thursday, May 20, 2021 from 1:00 - 4:30pm EST.  Registration is only $35, and the conference features hospice industry icons Barbara Karnes and Dr. B.J. Miller.  You won’t want to miss this virtual affordable opportunity! Visit the Hospice of Southern Maine website to learn more and reserve your spot at the Thresholds Conference.  Find more support for your hospice journey at  Whether you’re a personal caregiver, a patient, or a hospice professional, or a healthcare profession student, The Heart of Hospice provides information to educate, support, and encourage you.  If you’re interested in having Jerry or Helen speak at your conference or event,  send an email to  We’re honored to support your hospice journey!