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May 15, 2021

We're thrilled to talk with our guest Shaun O’Leary, Joint CEO of St. Christopher’s Hospice in London as he shares how St. Christopher’s is building on its rich history to move hospice care forward into the future.  Founded by Dame Cicely Saunders, St. Christopher’s was the first modern hospice center and acted as a model for hospice care in the U.S.  Shaun uses the wisdom he’s acquired over 15 years of working in end of life care to steer St. Christopher’s Hospice.  He acknowledges there are challenges that hospice agencies in the U.K. face, such as fund raising, misinformation, and the need for community education about hospice philosophy.  St. Christopher’s is providing that education through a brand new center - the Centre for Awareness and Response to End of Life (CARE).  The CARE Centre opened on January 15 of 2021. According to the St. Christopher’s website, visitors can “enjoy viewing art exhibitions, participate in a book club or simply take some time out in one of the many quiet and intimate spaces included in the building.  The high-tech Skills Lab provides a facility for doctors, nurses and carers to demonstrate practical skills such as using a syringe driver or moving someone safely in a bed. With cameras fitted all around this space, learners of all kinds will be able to access a fully immersive experience.”  You can find more information about St. Christopher’s history and CARE by visiting their website:  To find more podcasts from The Heart of Hospice, visit  We’re here to support your hospice journey, with support and encouragement. There’s information on advance care planning, self care, caregiving, and the basics of hospice philosophy.  No matter where you are in your hospice journey, The Heart of Hospice is here to help.