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Sep 13, 2019

A new documentary from HBO is a way to gain insight into how Americans handle deaths.  According to the HBO website, the film was “Directed and produced by Perri Peltz and Matthew O’Neill (HBO’s Axios), "Alternate Endings: Six New Ways to Die in America" offers a fascinating look at the varied ways Americans are choosing to both find meaning and celebrate life as it comes to an end.

As the baby boomer generation approaches death, more and more people are rethinking the ways end of life is recognized and are deciding to take control of what will happen when they die. Touching and heartfelt, the documentary spotlights a subject some might rather avoid, and presents it in a positive and thought-provoking manner – featuring stories of empowerment instead of avoidance.

Alternate Endings tells six stories of people nearing death and of family members of the recently deceased, who have chosen non-traditional end-of-life options and remembrances, from celebrations of life and living wakes, to green burials, extraterrestrial burials and more. Profoundly intimate and illuminating, the film explores what it means to be near death, either from age or terminal illness, and captures the healing power of honoring, giving thanks, and staying true to loved ones who have passed away.”

Whether you’re an end of life professional or a lay person, “Alternate Endings” could provide you with knowledge that could be useful in your personal life or when working with seriously ill patients. 

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