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Feb 4, 2022

With over 50 million caregivers caring for loved ones across the U.S., self care has become an urgent need. We’re wrapping up our Self Care Series, helping you take care of body, mind, and spirit.  Caregivers use their whole “selves” - body, mind, and spirit - to provide care for loved ones, family, and friends.  If you’re a hospice professional caring for those who provide unpaid care for those with serious illness, it’s important to provide education on self care. Personal caregivers have reduced quality of life due to the demands of caregiving responsibilities.  Isolation, sleep deprivation, deterioration of physical health, forgetfulness, hopelessness, and depression are some of the effects of the caregiving burden. A patient’s quality of life is dependent on the caregiver’s quality of life.  So be intentional about Self Care.  Make your Self Care attainable, sustainable, creative, comfortable, affordable - and fun!  The Heart of Hospice cares about your hospice caregiving journey.  If you have a question about hospice philosophy and care, send an email to or  We’re here to help! Find more podcast episodes from The Heart of Hospice here:

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