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Jul 16, 2017

In January, 2014, Rhonda's daughter and son-in-law were murdered.  As a hospice RN working as an admissions nurse, Rhonda was accustomed to seeing death and the grief that often followed.  The death of her daughter was different, it was personal and tragic.  

Rhonda worked with Helen & Jerry when this tragedy occurred.  She recently sat down with them to share her story, and to talk about how she was able to continue working in hospice despite the overwhelming grief that followed this personal tragedy. Rhonda shares how her administrative team, her work family, and her personal faith, helped her survive her losses and continue to perform the work she loves.  

Hospice professionals are regular people who also experience loss and grief.  How they cope with their grief can determine how they use their own losses as a tool to help patients and families.  It's our hope that this special episode will be helpful to many hospice professionals who have experienced their own personal losses.  

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