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Jun 23, 2023

Sue Ryan has been walking a caregiver’s journey for 40 years. Now she’s teaching others how to thrive while caring for a loved one.  Sue is the founder/owner of Sue Ryan Solutions, a company that offers guidance for non-professional caregivers, helping them to be confident. Caring for various loved ones through the years and now caring for her husband has taught Sue deeply valuable lessons about thriving while providing care.  She knows what it’s like to be isolated, scared, and acting blindly.  Since those early experiences, Sue has learned caregiver coping and hacks that she now shares with others through Sue Ryan Solutions.  Her TEDx Wilmington talk “Ultimate Freedom - Unlocking the Power of Choice” is about massive acceptance and radical presence and what they allow you to do in your life. Sue believes it’s about not judging, so we’re open to potential and possibilities.  

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