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Apr 15, 2020

Jennifer O’Brien didn’t anticipate that the journal she kept during her husband’s illness and subsequent death would become a guidepost to people caring for loved ones during serious illness.  Her new book, “The Hospice Doctor’s Widow”, has become just that. It’s a moving journaling that offers advice and insight into some of the most vulnerable aspects of being a caregiver. Jennifer shares what she learned while caring for her husband Bob Lehmberg and reveals the heartbreaking wisdom she acquired during their journey.  Creative graphics, intimate moments, and honest thoughts form The Hospice Doctor’s Widow, making it required reading for anyone caring for someone who’s terminally ill, or has had a loss. You’re going to love our interview with Jennifer. You can find Jennifer’s book on Connect with Jerry and Helen on  You can email questions or comments to us at  We’d love to hear from you - you are The Heart of Hospice.