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Feb 26, 2021

Comfort kit, comfort pack, e-pack.  No matter what you call it, the set of medications used by  some hospice agencies can be a great tool to manage symptoms in urgent situations.  Not every agency uses a comfort kit.  Typically a kit is composed of medications for issues like shortness of breath, fever, anxiety, pain, or nausea.  There’s no set rule about what meds are included.  The hospice doctor collaborates with the interdisciplinary team to decide which medications are the best choice.  When a patient needs symptom relief quickly, comfort kit meds are there for immediate use.  The hospice nurse should always provide education about each of the medications and make a visit to assist with dosing if that’s what’s needed.  It’s important that caregivers feel comfortable and knowledgeable about the meds they’re giving.  Keep in mind that it’s always the right of the patient or caregiver to refuse the comfort pack meds.  Find more information about hospice care and philosophy at  The Heart of Hospice is here to support you.  Send questions and comments to  We’ll send you a personal reply.  Whether you’re a hospice professional or an unpaid caregiver for someone who’s seriously ill, your end of life journey matters. You are The Heart of Hospice.