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Jul 23, 2021

A hospice interdisciplinary team provides enhanced support at the time of a patient’s death - and that includes care from the hospice chaplain.  The chaplain, or spiritual counselor, is there to encourage those who are grieving, to provide comfort and guidance during what hospice professionals call a “death event”.  Along with other team members (nurse, social worker, aide), the chaplain comes alongside the caregivers to provide support as coordination for the final disposition of the body is made.  The spiritual counselor educates the family about what to expect, and assess the bereavement needs of those who are present.  Using the information obtained during this bereavement assessment, the chaplain will collaborate with the bereavement coordinate to create the bereavement plan of care for the thirteen months following the patient’s death.  The presence of the chaplain at a patient’s death is crucial to the support of the family as well as support of the other disciplines.  The best way to have an optimal death event is to include the chaplain.  There’s more information to help you with your end of life journey at  Whether you’re a hospice professional or someone caring for a hospice patient, you’ll find support and encouragement.  Check out more podcast episodes by clicking here.  We know your journey matters - you are The Heart of Hospice.