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Apr 15, 2021

Hospice of Southern Maine has harnessed the power of virtual reality to educate about end of life care.  CEO Daryl Cady shares how their innovative VR program “Clay” teaches what the hospice experience is like for patients and families.  Through VR technology, the hospice journey of virtual patient “Clay”  and his family demonstrates to both laypersons and healthcare professionals how a typical end of life situation evolves.  The program includes many of the facets of hospice, including the initial terminal diagnosis, responses of Clay’s family members, and discussion of end of life wishes.  Daryl reports that many of the people who view the Clay modules are deeply moved, especially by Clay’s dying process and death.  Audience members are supported by a social worker or chaplain to help process the emotions that surface during the viewing.  You can read more about the innovations Hospice of Southern Maine is using to care for its patients and the community at  Be sure to check out information for the 10th Anniversary Thresholds Conference for a series of presentations about end of life, dying, and death.  Featured speakers at this year’s conference are internationally renowned end-of-life educator Barbara Karnes, author of the little blue book Gone from my Sight, and Dr. B.J. Miller, acclaimed speaker and hospice and palliative care specialist.  Don’t miss this great opportunity on Thursday, May 20 on 1:00 - 4:30pm ET  - register now for only $35!  Stay connected with The Heart of Hospice at for more information and support of your hospice journey.  Your journey matters - you are The Heart of Hospice.