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Feb 12, 2021

Businesses in the U.S. lose $75 billion annually in productivity related to grieving employees. Anthony and Guy Casablanca of Grief Leaders are equipping leaders to provide the support that staff dealing with grief need.  That grief isn’t limited to a death loss, but can also be related to divorce, addiction, financial problems, and chronic or serious illness.  On the Grief Leaders website you can find their book “The Dying Art of Leadership: How Leaders Can Help Grieving Employees Excel at Work” and read more about the training opportunities that Grief Leaders can provide for your organization.  Stay tuned to The Heart of Hospice podcast to hear our upcoming interview with Guy and Anthony, and hear their story of how “The Dying Art of Leadership” book came to be.  You’ll find more information about end of life care at  Connect with podcast hosts Jerry Fenter and Helen Bauer at your next event or conference (whether in-person or virtual) by sending an email to  The Heart of Hospice is here to walk alongside you in your end of life journey - you are The Heart of Hospice!