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Jun 19, 2020

Not every hospice experience is a good one.  Whether the patient is you or your loved one, you have the right to quality care from admission to the last day of care.  Jerry and Helen talk about what you can do if your hospice agency or their staff isn’t a good fit.  You deserve to have a good experience with your hospice team, to feel safe and comfortable. Remember you have a voice, and a right to make a complaint if the care is poor.  You also have the right to transfer to another hospice agency, or request another staff member.  Be sure to communicate any concerns or problems you might experience to someone in charge at your agency.  If those issues aren’t resolved, it’s your right to complain to the state or accrediting organization for the agency providing your care.  The Heart of Hospice wants your hospice journey to be the best it can be.  The best way to make that happen is to be informed.  On our Resources page, you’ll learn about hospice philosophy and what to expect.  Check out more podcasts from The Heart of Hospice for great information about end of life interdisciplinary teams, advance care planning, and what to expect from your hospice agency.  Remember you’re not alone - The Heart of Hospice is here to help.  No matter who you are, or where you are in your hospice journey, you are The Heart of Hospice.