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Sep 10, 2021

There’s a lot to process when a hospice patient dies.  Grief emotions along with business decisions can make it complicated. Today we’re talking about what a hospice death events looks.  Death is common in hospice care, and interdisciplinary teams are highly skilled in caring for patients and families when it occurs.  Nurses, social workers, chaplains, and aides can all be involved.  Each team member present will provide care according to his skill set.  Nurses and aides often provide post mortem care, washing and cleaning the body before it’s taken from the home. Social workers and spiritual counselors (chaplains) provide bereavement care and support for the family.  All of the care should be provided according to the patient’s wishes, including faith rituals like dressing the patient in religious garments, anointing, or cleansing of the body by certain family members.  Chaplains will coordinate with community clergy to provide specific faith rituals as requested by the family or patient.  Volunteers who have been working with the family as 11th hour volunteers or end of life doulas might also be at death events to support a family.  Find more information about hospice care and philosophy at  The Heart of Hospice is here to support you.  Send questions and comments to  We’ll send you a personal reply.  Whether you’re a hospice professional or an unpaid caregiver for someone who’s seriously ill, your end of life journey matters. You are The Heart of Hospice.