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May 19, 2023

Write a letter to someone you’ve lost, and send it to Postal Service for the Dead!   Death doula and artist Janelle Ketcher founded Postal Service for the Dead to be an ongoing, collective project where people send letters to anyone in their life who has died.  People write letters to someone special to them who has died and send them to the Postal Service for the Dead.  If the writer wants to keep the letter private, they leave the back of the envelope blank.  If the intention of the writer is to share it with only the Postal Service team, they mark the back of the envelope with a heart.  If the writer agrees to share the letter publicly, they draw a star on the backside of the envelope. All personal information is removed before the letters are shared on social media.  Janelle has found great meaning in receiving and reading the letters.  She gets excited just walking to the post office.  To her, holding the letters that she is unable to open holds meaning and is a special act.   In Postal Service for the Dead, people can find a safe space to share their grief and even find healing. 

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