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Jun 1, 2021

GrandPad founders Scott and Isaac Lien believe no senior adult should ever be isolated. GrandPad keeps older adults and their loved ones connected with easy-to-use technology. The GrandPad device is customized to the communication needs of the aging adult. Using a private family network that allows for safe photo and video sharing, GrandPad keeps the older user safe while offering a wide variety of applications.  Games, video chat, music, and email are all features of the GrandPad.  There’s no wifi needed - GrandPad comes with its own built-in LTE connection so there are no passwords or logins to remember. The team at GrandPad considers the special needs of older adults when considering the features of the GrandPad device, including speaker placement and tactile features.  The GrandPad team includes a group of senior adults to test, provide feedback, and guide the development of GrandPad functions. You can order a GrandPad for your loved one - or multiple devices for your facility - by clicking here. The Heart of Hospice is here for you to provide support and education for your end of life journey.  If you need to consider hospice care for yourself or a loved one, click here to learn about hospice basics and philosophy. If you’d like to book Helen or Jerry as a speaker for your in-person or virtual conference, hospice memorial service, or company meeting, contact us at  We’re here for your end of life journey - you are The Heart of Hospice.