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Jul 1, 2021

Author Larry Indiviglia shares the incredible story of "126 Days 11 Minutes: Our Love Story" in his interview with The Heart of Hospice. Revealing his heart and vulnerability, Larry tells the story of his brief but deep connection to his partner Gayle as she deals with stage IV breast cancer.  Gayle's passion for life and the Argentine tango along with her dedication to living life to the fullest is an inspiring story.  Helen and Jerry talk with Larry about the wisdom he gained and how being Gayle's caregiver enriched his life.  You can find "126 Days 11 Minutes: Our Love Story" on "126 Days 11 Minutes: Our Love Story" in both paperback and Kindle audiobook forms.  Connect with Larry by sending an email to lindiviglia@gmail.comYou’ll find more information about hospice philosophy and how to make the most of your end of life journey at  To connect with podcast hosts Jerry Fenter or Helen Bauer, send an email to  Either one would make a great speaker for your next event, conference, or agency memorial service.  You are The Heart of Hospice!