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Aug 25, 2023

The name Sociavi comes from the Latin word “share” and “unite”, demonstrating their mission of keeping seniors and their families closer together despite cognitive decline. Founder Paula Muller realized the need to keep her mother connected with all the activities of her family living internationally.  That need planted the seed for the Sociavi device.  Certified in Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care, Paula used her knowledge of cognitive decline to design the features of the Sociavi device.  She refers to it as a “picture frame”, avoiding a technology label that might be intimidating to users.  

The Sociavi device fosters a feeling of accomplishment as well as keeping the user connected with family and friends.  Through simple games and activities, the user has choices that are customized to someone who needs simplicity.  It’s super easy to start using the device, no password or login required.  Paula ensured the Sociavi device responds easily to touch and accommodates for hearing loss.  The screens are clear, with only one activity displayed at one time.  Photos and video calls are a wonderful additional feature.  To place a video call, the user simply has to touch the photograph of whomever they want to call.   The network is private and encrypted, so spam and robo calls are eliminated.  Paula’s in-laws consider a video call a “visit” from a family member.  

Users with cognitive decline can utilize many of the functions and games of the device.  If the user is nonverbal, Sociavi features a communication board with icons that can be utilized to communicate needs and thoughts. There are also alarms that serve as reminders for medications or tasks, keeping the administrator of the device notified of whether their loved one has turned the alarm off.  The only things needed in the home for the Sociavi device are power and internet connectivity.  Simple set up, simple to use, Sociavi is a great device for any adult with cognitive decline, helping them to stay active mentally and connected with loved ones.

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