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Jul 16, 2021

Once the Initial Spiritual Assessment is completed, a hospice chaplain will make routine visits that are used for life review, legacy projects, encouragement, faith discussions, or whatever the patient says is important. Typically the chaplain (also known as the spiritual counselor) will see a stable patient once or twice a month, and when there’s a special need like a change in condition.  The different interventions that the chaplain might offer are unlimited.  Whatever has meaning for the patient or caregivers will shape the activities of the routine visits.  And it’s ok if the patient and the caregivers have different needs or want different interventions.  The chaplain can provide interfaith care for both.  It’s all about affirming the patient’s or caregiver’s faith system and providing support that is meaningful for them.  Interventions are customized and individualized.  Find more information about hospice care and philosophy at  The Heart of Hospice is here to support you.  Send questions and comments to  We’ll send you a personal reply.  Whether you’re a hospice professional or an unpaid caregiver for someone who’s seriously ill, your end of life journey matters. You are The Heart of Hospice.