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Aug 5, 2022

Dr. Jim deMaine is with us to talk with us about advocacy in serious illness and his book Facing Death: Finding Dignity Hope and Healing at the End.  Dr. deMaine is a retired Pulmonary and Critical Care physician, an accomplished public speaker, and an outspoken advocate for end-of-life decisions. In his book Facing Death: Finding Dignity, Hope and Healing at the End, Jim shares numerous stories that serve as cautionary tales about completing advance care planning discussions prior to a serious illness or health crisis. The book illuminates the weakness of the healthcare system, managing to also highlight the lessons Jim learned about end-of-life planning during his career.  With honesty, compassion, and respect for the legacies of his patients, Dr. deMaine shares why advocacy for our health needs is so crucial to ensuring meaning in our own deaths and the deaths of our loved ones.  

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