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Sep 9, 2022

Widowhood, caregiving, and the messiness of grief are just some of the topics we’re talking about with guest John Polo. According to his website,, “John is a coach, author, and speaker.  In January of 2016, John became a widower after his amazing wife, Michelle, died of cancer.  From the rubble of everything that he once knew, consumed by desperation and despair, John held on long enough until he found his hope. And he slowly rebuilt.  Today John helps others through his social media, books, coaching, workshops, speeches, and podcasts.  From grief to dating, self-growth, and everything in between, John offers a style of coaching that is not only effective but also very personal and unique. John is the author of three books, host of two podcasts, and has worked with clients on over 4,000 coaching sessions.”  John’s experience has given him wisdom, insight, and empathy into the grief experience. 

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