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Dec 9, 2022

Empathy co-founder and CEO Ron Gura created the company with one mission in mind: to help families deal with loss. It’s the friend we all need when we’re navigating the death of a loved one.  According to the Empathy website, Empathy was “designed to help bereaved families find balance during one of life's most challenging moments.”   Combining technology and human support, the Empathy app helps families through all the financial, legal, emotional, and logistical challenges after losing a loved one.  Grief and loss cost businesses millions of dollars a year, yet most companies are ill-equipped to support employees after a loss.  Ron and the team at Empathy partner with individuals, employers, and hospice agencies to help them navigate the many challenges and unknowns after a death. Through the website and an award-winning app, Empathy provides both administrative and emotional support. 


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